The artist in Cap Ferrat, France.

Chosen among the top-rated entries in the Exposure Awards 2015 competition and winner in the 2017 Hampton Art Hub world wide photography competition Jessica Catharina Reijnders (JCR) a native of Holland who has resided in the Middle East, West Africa and New York is now based in Southampton with her husband and two sons.

JCR infuses her work with the possibility of movement that comes from her perspective as a world traveler, bridging her past and present lives through her camera lens.

The black and white series "what we See" by JCJ consists of two series.

In the first, created in New York City, street scenes are depicted which aim to create picture stories. The photographic image depends on the relationship the photographer is having with the subject before the scene is forever fixed in the photographic instant which Cartier-Bresson characterizes as "the decisive moment". Jessica believes she is being continually challenged to be mindful and intuitive during her walks throughout the city to recognize the picture stories which present themselves spontaneously and unexpectedly. These picture stories may challenge the viewer to contemplate the often contradictory messages found within the scene.

The second series of photographs are taken mostly along the Mediterranean coast of Europe and have a lighter feel to the and bring color in. They touch upon a somewhat different interpretation of "the decisive moment" - camera position and the presence of heart. Jessica believes that during the discovery of the world around us balance must be established between our inner experience and the world that surrounds us - for the world molds who we become but is also affected by our participation.

Embrasing Street Photography plus attending master classes at the International Center of Photography in New York City Jessica continues to challange herself to grow as an artist and evolve with these changing times.

Philanthropy is very important in the artist's life and she has been involved with several not-for-profit organizations. She has donated works to "The Longhouse Foundation East Hampton", The Netherlands America Foundation", "The ARC of Westchester" and "The French-American School of New York" and the "Beau Biden Foundation"